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Oct 13,  · Sizings in shops are completely out of sync so there isn't any fool-proof way of telling what size you should wear. You might be a size 12 in one shop and then find you're a size 16 in Resolved.

In women who are overweight with a body mass index of 25 or higher, a waist size greater than 35 inches is considered high risk and unhealthy. Bootcut jeans are — as the name implies — ideal when combined with boots: I just don't think I ever had a 30" waist. I am 6' and weigh Before measuring your pants, take a pair of jeans and place them flat on the floor.

In women who are overweight with a body mass index of 25 or higher, a waist size greater than 35 inches is considered high risk and unhealthy. At any body mass, a waist circumference greater than 33 inches carries additional health risks but is not considered high Jun 17,
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For example, a woman with a inch waist and inch hips would likely be a
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ASOS Size Guide For the correct size, please use the size guide for measurements & fitting tips. Close [X].
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If your waist is 30 inches. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I wear a size 8 with a 30" waist. This Site Might Help You. Sizings in shops are completely out of sync so there isn't any fool-proof way of telling what size you should wear.

You might be a size 12 in one shop and then find you're a size 16 in another. The best thing to do is to try the jeans on to see which fit is the most comfortable. Although this is of no use if you're shopping online. Doesnt make a difference I dont think waist size but Im not sure im 20" and im a size 8.

I'm 26 or 27 " and i'm a 3 or 4, so probably a 5,6,7? I'm size 10 and have a 26" waist. Related Questions If my waist is 30 inches what size in women's jeans would I wear? I have a 30 inch waist but I'm actually fat. Your waist size doesn't determine how fat you are. I'm lucky I can just buy 30x30 jeans. I eat what I want, but I usually eat healthy.

Today, I ate enough to feed a family of four for a week. I used to be painfully skinny but I bulked up when I started swimming seriously. My whole family are pretty fit. No one is fat, but one uncle and one aunt have to watch it a bit or they will put it on. As a middle-aged adult my waistline has gone up and down markedly and has been 30 at times. When it was 30, I didn't starve myself but I was much more active.

If you have a 30 inch waist you are most likely a midget or malnourished. Add some other sizes for context. If you are 5'2 with a 30 inch waist and 36 inch chest, you are a midget. I very, VERY seriously doubt that. Which is fine, I guess, as long as you have no interest in developing actual muscle. Don't worry, twinks and college kids; most of you will "fill out" and be wistfully recalling the days you could fit into anything under 32" by the time you're Btw if you're a woman with a 28" waist, you're fat unless you're 5'8" or taller.

I'm 6 feet and I've always ranged between but I also don't eat refined sugar, wheat, or dairy. I'm 33 inches right now because I am on an antidepressant that is making me fat. It's more likely that a man under 5'10 can have a 30inch waist compared to a man that is over 6'0 tall.

I'm 6'1, 33 waist, considered slim by people and have never had a waist size under 30 in my adult life. Smallest person in my entire family, but I also have an aversion to sweets, dairy and over eating except for last night. I'm not overly active, but I am on my feet moving all day at work. Now I've filled out and play rugby. I am 6'4, with a 37". I would not want to go back to my HS physique -- I am happy being the beefy guy I am now.

You radiate bitterness, R You can practically hear the teeth grinding behind that frenzied list. I just turned 30, and the waist size is still 27". Some of us have grandparents in their 80's with waists smaller than 30". I have a 24 inch waist. One of my doctors thinks I have an undiagnosed wasting disease. I'm only 5'2" though and have always been skinny. R47 sounded so silly in his post. I bet the orderly gently patted his head and wheeled him away after he was done clanging on the keyboard.

We don't eat like you do. My grandparents ski, walk, cycle and swim and burn off what they consume. They never got fat. And they could probably still beat you in a race. I have a 30" waist. I don't do cardio. Cardio is great for building stamina and general fitness, not so much for burning calories. No carbs after 6pm. Usually grilled chicken breast for dinner.

Salad with no dressing. Yeah, I hate food. I doubt any of you have a real 30" waist. You have to be very thing and very narrow hipped to have that. To get your actual waist side you take a tape measure just below your navel. And in hale then exhale and measure. It really is just metabolism I think. I've been a 30 waist since I was 18 now I can't say I exercise that much either. I'm , depending on the manufacturing. And I'm not sickly thin. I don't work out, but then again I'm only I was that 6ft pd twink through college and a few years beyond.

I couldn't wait to gain weight. I consider these years to be the best of my life thus far. I just don't think I ever had a 30" waist. I weighed in 6th grade. By the time a graduated, at my Army physical, I weighed But like I said I'm pretty tall and just a big guy. Depends on water weight.

Used to be 26 when I was Then I got my butt implants. OP, this may come to a surprise to you, and to many here, which shocks and intrigues me , but I'm 58 and get confused for 19 all the time, I mean, all the time, and I wear size 30 jeans. As a matter of fact, I'm at the mall right now and I just left Abercrombie with my fraternity brahs. Can't you smell us from here?

I bought a nice pair of faded boot cut jeans. They were a size I also bought some Abercrombie 8 cologne. The sales guys are always so nice to me when I go in there. I feel bad sometimes, though, when I see guys who are 19 too, who go into Abercrombie and get ignored by the staff. It's because you don't fit the Abercrombie lifestyle, bro! It's aight, JCrew is more your speed. We are heading over to Hollister as we speak to chill with one of my bro's girls she works there and she'll hook us up with some discounts and I plan to get some sandals, another pair of faded jeans size 30, and some Hollister shirts to wear out to the clubs tonight.

Great Black Friday sales going for the size 30 community, OP. Hope you get a chance to experience it one day. I've had a 30" waist for years.

I'm 49 ancient, I know , but although I go to the gym about times a week, I don't really watch my diet. I have the taste buds of a five-year-old, so I really like fatty, salty, sweet stuff. I can get down to a 27" waist pretty quickly if I cut out the junk, but I end up looking tired and frail rather than lean. I saw some pictures of me when I was eating only healthy stuff and really pushing myself at the gym.

To my horror, I looked like a corpse. I hate to say this, but for me, at least, it is a choice between having good abs or a pleasant face. Is this a thread full of flat-assed queens? From the stats alone, some of you must be skeletal, or pre-pubescent. I'm 53 and have lost 30 lbs. I am 6' and weigh My waist is 30". I love looking good in clothes again. I lost about 5" off my waist.

However, according to my high tech scales Equinox, I'm underweight. I exercise every day and watch what I eat, but I lost. My metabolism is in overdrive. Sorry, but only flaming effeminates would want to look like a willowy woman.

But then, most of you are flaming femmes who secretly wish they were women. You're the limp-wristed type who sashays from side to side when he walks, right? I have a 26' waist! I have a high metabolism and I have had four kids and still can't gain weight.

It really sucks to have this problem and I actually want to gain weight. So many people make comments about the way I look. I am 31 years old and wear a size 3 in juniors pants. I eat more than most people I know but nothing helps at all. Maybe my metabolism will slow down as the years pass.

I was super-skinny 29' waist until mids. Then I got muscular and a little gut-y. I was at one point. I was incredibly depressed and couldn't work up the motivation to cook or get food more than once a day, and even then, eating was a chore. Things are better now and I've since gained weight. I'm 6'2" with a waist that goes btwn 34 and 36 inches depending on what I eat. I'd like to get down to 33 or 32, but I am big boned, so I'd look ridiculous with anything less.

No I'm not exactly an object of desire in the gay world, but I've got a monogamous bf who loves me just the way I am. How many of you inch waisters can say that? But when I was I was very active, physically fit, hyper excited about life, and constantly running around all the time looking and finding sex. Had a until I started taking antidepressant meds, then I ballooned up to a Back down to a When I was in highschool I had a 28" waist.

I hated it, could never find clothes that looked good. Then I finally started putting on some weight in my later years. Now I am 33 years old and I fluctuate between a 32" to 34" depending on the cut and how many cakes I've eaten. I prefer this size because I can find lots of clothes. I hated being skinny as people were always telling me to put on weight or thought there was something wrong with me, even though it was entirely my metabolism.

I think it's part of the reason I am into cub type men now. I love r47 who's obviously hit a nerve with his cold, hard truths. Everyone knows he's right, and the beanpole look many here are describing is just not attractive. Who here is a size 30 inch waist? If so are you just very skinny with a high metabolism? Or do you have to rigorously diet and exercise to maintain that size 30 waist?

OP, stop enabling the obese. R2 are u just naturally skinny? Yes R4, but I also run 6 times a week and lift 5 times a week. I'm also white flour free. I try to eat healthy and work out when I can, but do not consciously diet. I'm female, which is probably not what you were looking for. I also don't eat a lot of sugar. I'm a 5'3" woman. When I at my thinnest, I was about " waist.

For example, the size charts provided by J Crew and Levi's both list a inch waist as a size 10, whereas Gap considers a size 10 to be a inch waist and a size 12 to be a inch waist. These small discrepancies can make the difference when deciding on the right fit. A inch waist size is small. Any size between 29 and 31 is considered small, with 32 to 34 being medium and 36 to 38 being large. Anything from 40 to 42 is XL, and anything above 44 is XXL. The distance around a waist, known as waist circumference, is a common measurement. It is used to check for fat around the stomach. Feb 08,  · And don't think cause you can stuff your size 38 waist in 30 inch jeans you are a 30 inch waist. Dress pants are much more accurate. Jeans are totally inaccurate.