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blouse (blous, blouz) n. 1. A woman's or child's loosely fitting shirt that extends to the waist or slightly below. See Note at greasy. 2. A loosely fitting garment resembling a long shirt, worn especially by European workmen. 3. The service coat or tunic worn by the members of some branches of the US armed forces. intr. & tr.v. bloused, blous·ing.

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Blouse definition, a usually lightweight, loose-fitting garment for women and children, covering the body from the neck or shoulders more or less to the waistline, with or without a collar and sleeves, worn inside or outside a skirt, slacks, etc. See more.
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A loosely fitting garment resembling a long shirt, worn especially by European workmen. The service coat or tunic worn by the members of some branches of the US armed forces. Military a loose-fitting waist-length belted jacket worn by soldiers. Switch to new thesaurus. References in classic literature? The only legitimate attachment to print stuff, I was told, was to print stuff in the form of blouse , tennis, or boating costume.

A richly wrought leathern girdle, studded with precious stones, and held in place by a huge carved buckle of gold, clasped the garment about her waist so that the upper portion fell outward over the girdle after the manner of a blouse. I took them off with all the coolness of an old hand, and then I placed him on my knee and removed his blouse.

His sailor trousers were long and wide at the bottom, and the broad collar of his blouse had gold anchors sewed on its corners.

Here it is," he answered, pulling off his blouse and fixing it to the stick. They tired of attempting to deal with buttons that were, from their point of view, backwards and, as such they started reversing the placement when making or repairing them. Another possible reason is so that men can easily undo blouses as, from the front, buttons are on the same side as a man's shirt. One other theory is that women were normally dressed by their maids, while men dressed themselves.

As such, women's blouses were designed so it could be easily buttoned by the maid but that of men were designed so it could be easily buttoned by the person wearing it.

Although in all the cases proposed the reasons for the distinction no longer exist, it continues out of custom or tradition. While most women prefer to have the top button open for better comfort, some blouses made for women have looser necklines so the top button can be fastened without compromising comfort, but giving the same stylish appearance.

Some women attach various pins and ornaments to their blouses over a fastened top button for style. Some of these attach directly to the button itself, others to the collars. Some blouses do not have a top button at all, and collars are intentionally styled to be open. They also form part of some nations' traditional folk costume. Various new and different forms of collar emerged in the s.

They diminished in sizes by the s, but were huge in the s. At the beginning of the s, popular styles included the rounded collar, sausage dog collar , then extra wide collar and double cuffs from shirts, that fell on them often from fashions relating to synthetic fabrics like usually polyester.

At the beginning of the s bubic bangs came back, then later wide collars. The fashion of standing collar and federal collar , loops, rounded collars , revere collar and the smallest collar , sometimes with concealed button fly on a "smoking blouse", attached folds and stressed set-in-followed in the s.

Again, thin and often shining synthetic fibres were very popular. Towards the end of the 20th Century, they were of an extra-long blouses of pants style and worn over trousers or skirt worn, optionally combined with a rather wide belt around the waist in the Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, the UK, Ireland, South Africa and the USA. As the eye will be drawn to the naked flesh below the sleeve, designers often use sleeve length to focus the minds eye on the slimmer parts of the arm, particularly short sleeve blouses below the elbow to give the illusion of a slimmer arm.

Sleeveless tops were fashionable and a topical item in Western Europe and North America during the mids. Many fashionable styles of both the s and s were on the go again after the millennium in the blouse fashion: Often the blouses also embroidery or "crystal stocking", have especially on collar and string.

The blouses with the so-called three-quarter arm were a striking phenomenon of the s. Blouses can be combined well and easily with a blazer , tank top , bolero or sweater , with or without some colourful silks or bead chain necklaces. As part of the Eco movement 's folk blouses for women were cut from natural materials such as flax, linen and cotton. Men also wore these "Frisian blouses" on occasion. In one version, a tartan pattern skirt is worn with an over-the-shoulder plaid, a white blouse and petticoat, and a velvet bodice.

The alternative is a white dress over a petticoat, together with a tartan pattern sash. A typical Aboyne dress consists of a dark bodice or elaborate waistcoat , decorative blouse, full tartan skirt and some times a petticoat and apron.

Some have a tartan sash usually draped over the shoulder and coming down towards the hem of the skirt in the back rather than an apron. A woman wearing a dirndl, with white blouse, is usual in Bavaria and rural Austria.

They are usually made of light fabric textile , such as silk or cotton thin, until the early s still often from soft covered by art faserstoffen such as polyester and satin. They often have fanciful decorations such as frills, embroidery, or grinding and are a classic among the women's blouses—here the fashionable combination possibilities are especially varied.

The open Spaten—or lapel collar—is another common type of a classic ladies blouse. The blouse jacket or blouson is garment drawn tight at the waist with blousing hanging over the waist band. The new style of man's chetten lose blouse coat is made of stronger material or with inner lining, which can be worn alone or as a jacket or over a separate top is related to.

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A blouse (/ b l aʊ z, b l aʊ s, b l uː z /) is a loose-fitting upper garment that was formerly worn by workmen, peasants, artists, women, and children. It is typically gathered at the waist or hips (bytight hem, pleats, pearter or belt) so that it hangs loosely ("blouses") over the wearer's body. Today, the word most commonly refers to a girl's or woman's dress shirt It can also refer to a. Blouses are also great for your 'nine-to-five' needs! Whether your office is laid-back or business casual, don a classy, conservative blouse to show you mean business. Choose from structured collared shirts or elegant tie-neck blouses for a polished a ladylike look. Shop classy vintage, boho and diy style blouses online. Color of pattern blouses range from black, white and blue.