Kids & Baby Size Charts

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There are many, many places where people can buy kids' socks these days, but eBay is a great option if the buyer's goal is to save time and money. However, one should still use individual judgment when sizing this way. Where to Buy Kids' Socks After taking time to size up kids' socks as well as the type needed both theme and cut the final step is to buy the socks. However, an ill-fitting sock is just as much of a problem as an ill-fitting shoe, so it is important to pay attention to all aspects of the sizing process. There are even stores in some places dedicated only to selling socks for kids and parents alike.

Size children age 8 years old and up with a ladies medium sock. This is for children with a shoe size from 5 to Size children's socks differently if they have a number size .
Men's, Women's and Children's Sock Sizes. Our sock size chart will help you work out your sock size based on your shoe size. We offer size guides for UK, EU and US shoe and sock sizes.
Men's, women's, and kid's Smartwool size charts: sock size chart, clothing size chart, and accessories size chart. Socks, hats, baselayers, coats, shirts, mitts get the right size or send it back for free.
The Children’s Place has a selection of easy-to-use kids size chart options that will help you understand the fit of our clothes shoes and accessories in relation to your child’s age weight and height.
Shoe size versus sock sizing from NAHM Sizing Standard Booklet Revised November

Happy Socks. Happy Socks North America Inc. Spring Street, 5th Fl. New York, NY

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Kids' Socks are usually labeled with either shoe size, a alpha size (S-M-L) or a specific kids' sock size (number between 0 and 12). See size chart below to determine kids' sock size (both alpha size and specific sock size) from shoe size or from kid's age. Kids' Sock Sizes. All parents and caregivers know that kids’ sizes are beyond confusing, and there’s no exception with socks! Every brand has different distinctions, such as small and large, youth and junior. Plus, we all know every child grows at a different rate. That’s why we do our best to make the shopping process easy on you. Use the chart below to determine your sock size based on shoe size.