Drake Hogestyn injured in fall on set, finally returns to Days

Drake Hogestyn was born on September 29, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA as Donald Drake Hogestyn. He is an actor, known for Days of Our Lives (), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers () and Otherworld (). He has been married to Victoria Post since December 31, Born: Sep 29,

Robert Poynton Drake Hogestyn Present. Later that year, it was determined that Isabella was the daughter of "Roman's" long-time nemesis, Victor Kiriakis. But, the feud continued and eventually Maggie Horton got caught at the wrong place at the wrong time and was shot.

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that DOOL fans might be saying goodbye to another fan-favorite character — sooner rather than later. After a series of unfortunate events with a fire poker, Drake Hogestyn’s character, John Black, landed in a coma, thanks to his new daughter-in .
Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that DOOL fans might be saying goodbye to another fan-favorite character — sooner rather than later. After a series of unfortunate events with a fire poker, Drake Hogestyn’s character, John Black, landed in a coma, thanks to his new daughter-in .
Oct 17,  · On October 17 , John Black dies. Category Entertainment; Song There You'll Be; Artist Faith Hill.
Drake Hogestyn has been portraying John Black off and on since , though the character was created in He was seen recently, scouting a new PI for Black Patch Investigations in his son Paul (Christopher Sean), but in real life, according to The Globe, the actor has taken some time off to mend after a nasty fall from a tree on his property.
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Steve will be left speechless when he finds out who has been poisoning him.


John Black and Marlena Evans are fictional characters and a supercouple from the American daytime drama Days of Our Lives. [2] [3] [4] John is portrayed by Drake Hogestyn and Marlena is .

John still ended up becoming friends with Roman, and remained a part of his and Marlena's lives. Marlena and Roman reunited, while John married Isabella Toscano. Isabella died shortly after, and Marlena consoled a grief-stricken John. John saved Marlena when she was kidnapped by Stella Lombard, and left for dead in a demolished warehouse.

Their feelings for each other started to resurface after this. John was afraid of hurting Marlena and Roman, and decided to leave town to avoid acting on his feelings. Marlena boarded his private jet, though, and the two gave into their feelings, sharing a night of passion. The two embarked on a passionate and torrid affair, which was discovered by Marlena and Roman's daughter, Sami Brady. Marlena later found out she was pregnant, and John asked for a blood test to determine the paternity, which said he was not the father.

When Marlena went into labor, John delivered her baby girl, Belle. When Belle was kidnapped, John rescued her from Sami, who tried to sell her on the black market. At Belle's christening, Roman found out about John and Marlena's affair, and was furious. Marlena found out that Sami had switched Belle's paternity test, and John was actually Belle's father.

Marlena moved out with Belle, and she and Roman divorced. John provided Marlena and Belle a place to stay while she was working out the divorce. Though their feelings were strong, John and Marlena were too guilt-ridden by their past mistakes to think about starting a relationship.

When Marlena was possessed, John helped perform an exorcism when he was led to believe he was a priest. He was successful, and Marlena was saved. He left the priesthood, and started a relationship with Kristen Blake, the adopted daughter of John and Marlena's worst enemy, Stefano DiMera. However, the pull between Marlena and John remained there. Kristen eventually became insecure, and hatched scheme after scheme to keep Marlena and John apart.

John found out, and eventually broke up with her, and reunited with Marlena. Though the two were together, circumstances out of their control separated them again. Their love prevailed, though, and John and Marlena wed on July 5, The couple faced many obstacles in their married life that included a brainwashed Hope Brady seducing John and becoming pregnant, though the child was later proven not to be John's, the feud between John's son, Brady and Marlena later resolved , Marlena being brainwashed into believing she was a serial killer, and Marlena becoming pregnant with Roman's child, and later miscarrying the baby; Marlena develops amnesia, as a result.

In , amnesia specialist Alex North came to town, later revealing himself to be Marlena's real husband from college. Marlena became torn between Alex and John and, due to John's raging jealousy and Alex's manipulations, especially his drugs, Marlena chose Alex. However, John did not give up on his love and did everything to try to win her back. However, even when it seemed that he was making headway, his drugs and manipulations enabled Alex to keep winning. The struggle continued to Morgan Island during Alex and Marlena's honeymoon in May , after they had renewed their vows.

During a fight on Morgan Island, Alex died. Newly clearheaded, Marlena realized that Alex had been abusive during their marriage. She decided that she needed a little time to get back on her feet. Without any hard feelings, and with their love as strong as ever, Marlena chose to separate from John for a while, and she took a job in New Jersey. When it was discovered that Marlena was missing, however, John began to search for his love.

With the help of Abe Carver , John rescued Marlena from a trunk in which she'd been held captive, in early October John and Marlena married for the third time their first legal marriage on December 5, However, none of the couple's children Eric , Sami , Brady or Belle could attend. After being presumably shot by EJ, John fell into a coma. Marlena remained by his side, praying that he would wake up; he did wake up in May On October 17, John was a victim of a hit and run case, with the culprit remaining a mystery.

John was taken into emergency, but apparently died peacefully in the arms of Marlena, his greatest love of all time. It was later discovered that his death was faked by Stefano. Once again, John came back to Salem as Stefano's pawn and had no memory of his love for Marlena or his family January Hogestyn later admitted that he didn't know anything about the role and he thought he had auditioned for ABC's One Life to Live.

Hogestyn was a fan of daytime soaps and his agent had passed on several soap roles "but Drake wanted this one. Though everyone seemed to love him, Hogestyn almost missed out on the role because he was so young. However, it was his screen test with Deidre Hall that put Hogestyn over the top. Hogestyn was chosen out of five other actors and signed a three year contract.

By the time John is revealed to be Roman in May , Drake Hogestyn had grown quite attached to the character of John. He said "One of the things I'm concerned about now is that it's going to be sad to put John Black to bed. I've had a lot of fun and it's been a stretch for me as an actor. A year later, though he was happy with Roman, Hogestyn said he initially wanted to find success in his own role instead of a recast. The actor later admitted that he never thought of himself as a recast "because I played five months as John Black before they told me I was Roman.

In the summer of , it was reported that Wayne Northrop and Deidre Hall were in talks to return to the series and reprise their respective roles as Roman and Marlena, leaving many to wonder what would become of Hogestyn's Roman. Hogestyn attributed the plot twist two the "producers' own brilliance" despite him suggesting the storyline a year earlier. He also appreciated the decision from a business perspective. The producer also shot down speculation that the story would take a page from the prime time soap Dallas in which Patrick Duffy's Bobby Ewing was killed off in season 8 and revealed to be alive in season 10 discounting all of season 9 as a dream.

To avoid confusion during production, the two men were referenced in the script by number -- Hogestyn being Roman II John. Over the course of six months, the story explores all avenues most significantly, the effects on Roman and Marlena's twins Eric and Samantha who had been raised by Roman II for most of their lives. In Hogestyn commented on the retcon: Such a development would be unique to Days of Our Lives.

John's very popular portrayal of Todd Manning -- a role that was originated by Roger Howarth who was equally as popular -- if not more popular. John was said to be inspired by Jason Bourne. His past has been the driving force of many stories.

At one point, it was believed he had been a priest. He had been adopted by the Alamain family, and both and he Lawrence Alamain believed they were biological siblings. This was changed in where John learned the real Ryan had passed away years ago.

John was introduced as the mysterious pawn, and later put down roots by forming a relationships with Marlena Evans and Isabella Toscano , and conceiving a child with both of them Belle and Brady Black. In , it was revealed he had a fling with Tori Narita, and was the father of Paul Narita. He later gained a granddaughter through Belle, Claire Brady and a grandson through Brady Tate Black , who is currently in the custody of his mother Theresa Donovan. He is close friends with Steve Johnson.

He became involved in a drug war with Philip Kiriakis and became involved with Ava Vitali until she left town. Stefano came out of his coma soon, and though John wanted to fight to keep control of his empire, he gave it up when he realized a part of him still loved Marlena. John resolved to regain his memories, and he and Stefano started to form a bond.

John fully regained his memories after being paralyzed from the waist down while protecting Marlena from Charlotte. Hogestyn always hoped his character would be paired with Marlena Evans Deidre Hall -- even when his character's identity is in question.

Even viewers began to echo his sentiments -- no matter who John Black turned out to be, he and Marlena were meant to be. When Deidre Hall left the series in and Marlena is killed off, it took quite some for the producers to pair John with another woman.

Though it was difficult wait, Hogestyn understood why the writers chose to put his character in the background. Soap Opera Stars magazine later reported that the show runners weren't sure if Hogestyn would work without Hall and there were plans to write his character out.

Hogestyn viewed John and Marlena's relationship as a "classic love. Hogestyn appreciated that the relationship showed viewers that such a love is possible. When asked about a recast of Marlena instead of a new love interest, Hogestyn admitted that he didn't think viewers would accept it. Finally trusting that Hogestyn was popular enough to hold his own, the writers introduced a new love interest for him.

Hogestyn revealed that the writers had given the duo much more creative input to establish a more fun dynamic. Weiss and a failed engagement to Victor Kiriakis John Aniston and was even considered as a love interest for a returning Bo Brady Reckell. However, Hogestyn's chemistry with Francis "just couldn't be denied.

While there was initial backlash from staunch Marlena fans fearing John and Diana had developed too soon, majority of viewers quickly became fans of the new pairing not long after their first few scenes together. The duo had really strong scenes from the very beginning. Despite it being seeming too soon, the network ordered the producers to capitalize on the fan reaction.

The duo also injected humor into their scenes whenever they could. However, Diana's near death experience is a "turning point in their relationship.

When Francis leaves the series in , Hogestyn finds himself on the back burner once again. He really enjoyed working opposite Lori Hallier.

That was so refreshing for me. In early , Hogestyn was informed that his character's next great love story was in the works. Hogestyn enjoyed working opposite the newcomer. I had no soap opera experience, and my energy was boundless. Days introduced audiences to the character, "John Black," as a heavily bandaged amnesiac who was recovering from extensive facial reconstructive surgery. Initially known only as "The Pawn," he first appeared in Salem on January 23, Almost immediately, John and Marlena established a rapport.

In , Marlena reappeared in Salem and was reunited with "Roman". That same year, Wayne Northrop was recast as Roman Brady and the character that Hogestyn had been portraying for five years was retconned to be an entirely different character that had been brainwashed to believe he was Roman Brady. Still suffering from a lack of memories from before the time he arrived in Salem other than stories told to him by friends and family members, plus details passed into his subconscious via Stefano's brainwashing , and unaware of exactly who he was, the character returned to the "John Black" name that he first used when he arrived in Salem.

For a time, Marlena was torn between the two men, but she eventually chose Roman, leaving John to resume his relationship with Isabella Toscano. John then discovered that he was Forrest Alamain, brother to the evil Lawrence Alamain and nephew to wicked Vivian.

Despising the Alamains, "Forrest" decided to resume use of the name John Black. During this time, John received help from sometime-ally, sometime-nemesis Victor Kiriakis in figuring out his identity although with his possession of the aforementioned "John Black file", it was never fully explained whether Victor knew John's true identity, or at least that he wasn't Roman Brady , determining his birthright within the Alamain family, and ultimately setting up his own business.

In John married Isabella Toscano. Two years previously, in the story line, "Cruise of Deception," Isabella discovered that she was Victor's daughter.

Isabella's marriage to John was short-lived; she died of pancreatic cancer shortly after giving birth to their son, Brady Victor Black in Distraught over the death of Isabella, John's feelings for Marlena resurfaced during "The Pit" story line.

Marlena fought her feelings for John, but gave in to them when he attempted to leave the country. Boarding John's private jet on the eve of her wedding anniversary with Roman, John and Marlena embarked on a torrid affair of words and heated emotions.

During their heated encounter they also conceived their daughter Belle. One month later, Sami, Roman and Marlena's teenage daughter witnessed the couple's second notorious encounter on the Titan Publishing conference room table part of the prime time story line, "Night Sins". In an ill-conceived effort to avert the rupture of her family and to protect Roman from the truth, Sami switched the blood tests which proved that John was the unborn baby's father.

In , Marlena gave birth to Belle at the Horton cabin. Due to a misunderstanding with Roman, John and his new love interest, Kristen Blake, ended up assisting in the baby's delivery. Spiteful Sami then kidnapped Belle and sought to sell her baby sister on the black market. Fortunately, John foiled Sami's attempts to run away just before the troubled teen boarded a plane.

An unrepentant Sami then told Marlena that she knew all about her affair with John. Knowing that their affair had hurt so many people, John moved on to pursue other relationships — most significantly with Kristen Blake, who turned out to be Stefano's adopted daughter, while Marlena fruitlessly struggled to save her marriage to Roman.

However, during Belle's baptism, Stefano forced Marlena to reveal the truth of her affair with John to everyone in the church. Stefano then showed up at the Brady residence with Sami's carelessly discarded diary which proved Sami's deception in switching Belle's paternity tests.

John and Marlena reunited in , but a serial killer called the "Salem Stalker" began to murder Salem's most prominent citizens: Bradys, Hortons and other Salem notables. Evidence suggested that Marlena was the stalker so that a gun-wielding Marlena was mistakenly killed on a prison rooftop.

John's relentless sleuthing eventually uncovered that the Salem Stalker debacle was yet another diabolical DiMera plot; that Marlena and her "victims" were alive on a remote island, "Melaswen" New Salem spelled backwards.

Determined to rescue Marlena and the other stranded Salemites, John was seriously injured during his failed attempt.

Addicted to painkillers, John sought solace in the all-too-welcoming arms of—and proposed to—Roman's widow Kate Roberts. John and Kate eventually broke off their engagement when Roman and Marlena managed to escape Melaswen and reappeared in Salem. After a treacherous fall that killed her unborn child conceived with Roman, Marlena became an amnesiac.

The specialist summoned to help her — Dr. Alex North — turned out to be her first husband, presumed dead in the Vietnam War. Marlena rejected John's protestations of love and wedded bliss, saying that all her relationships subsequent to hers with Alex North were non-binding. Nevertheless, John discovered that Alex was a fraud who had plotted to marry, then kill Marlena. John and Marlena's subsequent reunion was cut short when a dying Stefano reignited his vendetta with John, by compelling EJ Wells to shoot John.

John eventually came out of his coma in May , but was then hit by a car, dying in Marlena's arms on October 17, Frustrated in her inability to reach the old John, Marlena filed for divorce. Discovering that his illicit, all-too carnal lifestyle lacked meaning, John tried to recommit himself to Marlena and remembering their life together.

Jealous of Marlena, John's therapist nearly killed him in her plot of revenge against Marlena. John was paralyzed but the memories of his life in Salem were now restored. Hearing of a possible cure for his paralysis, John and Marlena remarried in the hospital, and left Salem for a treatment center in Switzerland on January 23, During their visit, the couple announced that John's physical therapy was a success; that he is now able to walk again.

Despite Marlena's pleas not to do so, John accepts a guilty plea on charges that he embezzled from Basic Black's pension fund.

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John Black is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera Days of Our 440v.cf has been played by actor Drake Hogestyn since , with a break in between from January to September John was created by script writers Sheri Anderson, Thom Racina and Leah Laiman as The Pawn in and introduced by executive producers Betty Corday and Al 440v.cfyed by: Drake Hogestyn. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal a battle is brewing for John Black (Drake Hogestyn) and his 440v.cfa Evans (Diedre Hall) has survived surgery. Unfortunately, she isn’t out of the woods yet. Marlena’s condition will take a turn for the worse causing an epic battle in the John Black family. Mr. Green (fake name used in an undercover operation on May 16, ) John Black DiMera (used when he believed that he was a DiMera) Father John Black (while he believed he was a priest).